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Hoodie sale! Designer black Mexican hoodie inspired by the Indigenous Cultures of the Americas. These cool graphic unisex hoodies are soft and good quality. The perfect boyfriend hoodie. Cozy and stylish but also great as work out hoodies. This designer hip hop hoodie is a luxury hoodie for men and women. This is a thick heavyweight hoodie. This designer black Mexican hoodie makes great winter hoodies for men and great winter hoodies for women. With the right shoes it's a running hoodie. These are the best hoodies online. Don't settle for a basic sweatshirt or merch hoodies with no style.

Image of Mask of The Red Queen AD 672. 

Mexico, Chiapas, Palenque, Temple XIII. Maya. Jadeite, malachite, shell, obsidian, limestone. 

The Maya site of Palenque (ancient Lakamha'), located in the foothills of the Chiapas highlands with a commanding view of the Tabasco Plain, was home to a powerful dynasty in the seventh century A.D. Great patrons of the arts, K'inich Janaab Pakal I and his family oversaw the creation of what has become acknowledged to be one of the most innovative and beautiful of all Maya sites. The discovery of Pakal's tomb within the Temple of the Inscriptions was made in the middle of the twentieth century, but the tomb of his spouse, Lady Tz'akbu Ajaw, only to came to light in 1994, through the work of Arnoldo González Cruz and colleagues.

Lady Tz'akbu Ajaw's funerary monument, now known as Temple XIII, contained her limestone sarcophagus, the interior of which was painted with crimson cinnabar. Following her interment in the sarcophagus, her body and accompanying ornaments and offerings were also covered with a thick layer of cinnabar. Understandably dubbed the Red Queen, her burial is one of the richest known for a female Maya ruler. In addition to a headdress of greenstone and shell and an elaborate collar of multicolored stone and shell beads, she wore a headband composed of two rows of circular disks made of the type of fine apple-green jade most prized by the Maya. The mask over her face, made of malachite tesserae, has limestone and obsidian eyes that appear to bore right into you, conveying a striking sense of the presence of the queen.

Mexican Hoodie
Designer Black Mexican Hoodie - OG Gods I Black Hoodie
.: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
.: Medium-heavy fabric (8.0 oz/yd² (271 g/m²))
.: Classic fit
.: Tear-away label
.: Runs true to size