Concrete Dreams (Digital Album)

Concrete Dreams (Digital Album)

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"Phenomenal" -Jeff Weiss (Passion of the Weiss) 

"One of the best underground rappers in the city" -Shea Serrano (HoustonPress)

"A musical masterpiece" -Rolando Rodriguez (HoustonPress)

Track Listing

1. The Day Dream

2. 2020

3. In the Land of Currency

4. The Ultimate Truth

5. Choose Your Adventure (Feat. K-Szzle)

6. To Be Free

7. Jumpstart

8. Crown and Coke

9. Lost Highway

10. The Bus Stop (Feat. Young Ray Charles)

11. To Pass the Time

12. The Dreamcatcher

13. I Understand

14. New Pistol

15. Up on You

16. My Old Flame (Feat. Deonis)

17. Like I (Feat. W.C.)

18. Kites

19. No Goodbyes