Preemo to Manuel Beltrán The Evolution of an Artist

Hip-Hop artist Manuel Beltrán who formerly went by Preemo says it was an easy decision once he moved into production. “I was tired of being confused with DJ Premier,” said the Mexican American wordsmith. Preemo was originally Primo when he was signed along with Amanda Perez to an L.A. based label. The spelling had to be changed to circumvent trademark issues so Primo became Preemo (or later Pre) to avoid any legal challenges. The nomadic MC eventually settled on going by his middle and last name, Manuel Beltrán. “It’s funny because there’s a Primo in every Hispanic neighborhood in America, so when people were asked if they’d ever heard of me they’d always say yeah,” says the rapper. Over a 25 year span he’s also had a few other monickers; Slim, Tu Pinche Preemo and as mentioned previous, Pre.