Manuel Beltrán cites lack of representation in fashion for inspiration of latest line of hoodies.

Artist Manuel Beltrán says he was inspired by the lack of representation of Indigenous and even Mexican design in any of the fashion that was meant for both street wear and high fashion. There are 72 million Indigenous people in this hemisphere. Manuel Beltrán says he grew up seeing the same images on white T-shirt’s and Hoodies, The Virgin Mary, Jesus on the cross, pit bulls and and the occasional Chicano cartoon. Manuel Beltrán says he was always fascinated by the art and culture that preceded the Catholic Church’s conquest of the Americas. Those of the Aztec, Maya, Olmec, Mixtec and Inca. He says mixing urban fashion with pre-Colombian art has always been a dream. “It’s Hip-Hop with a Mexican twist,” says Beltrán. “I want to make clothes for the Mexican, the Mexican-American, the Indigenous, the Chicanos, the Tejanos and the undocumented,” he adds. It’s street wear and lounge wear apparently as the pandemic has blurred the lines, but this is drip from South Central L.A. to South and Central America. Manuel plans to release more lines of joggers, sweatshirts and athletic wear inspired by pre-Colombian culture. “I knew I was on to something because I’ve never seen these designs on anything in streetwear fashion,” says Pre. Indeed.