Manuel Beltrán - Big Studio or Home Studio?

I get asked a lot which I prefer to work and record in, a big professional studio or small home studio. The answer is actually both. It’s really more about a vibe than any particular equipment. The genre also plays a part. If I’m working with a singer who I know is a bit timid I’ll want to work in a home studio so that singer is more comfortable. Sometimes big professional studios are cold and lack the coziness and vibe to get a great performance, and sometimes small home studios are great for being comfortable enough to deliver a great performance but may lack some of the elements like sound proofing and mic selection to give it a polished feel. I usually like to record in a smaller setting and then go to mix in a professional studio, that for me is the best of both worlds. Also, having the right engineer is crucial. So many engineers out there are the real talent behind a lot of singers and rappers today in the age where everyone’s vocals are now super-produced and manipulated digitally. A great engineer in a great setting with a great performance will always make great records. And the most important piece of equipment to ever have in the studio, above all else, is a great set of ears. I’ll take that over all the gear and software in the world.