Hoodie Season has arrived.

I never really realized the importance of a good hoodie. It might be one of the best designed garments ever invented. You can get a cheap hoodie or a designer hoodie and you still get the same three elements that make a hoodie the amazing item that it is. Hood, kangaroo pouch and drawstring. The three greatest options ever offered on a basic ass sweatshirt. I’ve come to realize I’ve been searching for a place to live that allows me to wear a hoodie all the time, that’s how much hoodies mean to me. You can put something on a T-shirt and no one will notice but you put it on a hoodie and the world stops to salute. Put the right jacket over a hoodie and now you’re doing things only a few are able to do. Bosses wear layers. If your girlfriend steals your hoodie you should marry her. She’s got good fashion sense. One time for the hoodie.